Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Santa Hat Mani: Christmas 2011

This was the mani I sported for Christmas festivities this year. I used Dr.'s Remedy Revive as my main shimmery red color and my accent nail is OPI Birthday Babe with Sephora by OPI Sparktacular over it. Love this glitter, it's complex and has many colors and shapes but is not too chunky. I used my Bundle Monster plates to stamp the santa hats then added colored rhinestones to the tips. It was a cute mani and served its purpose well for the occasion :)  Not too sure I liked the double stamping, may have been better to keep it at one hat per nail but.. meh, it still rocked.


  1. Cute! I like how you tipped the hats with rhinestones! I'm going to miss Christmas nails :(

  2. I love the rhinestones for the ball ends of the hats!


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