Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NOPI: First Crush Blush and Barielle: Buddha-ful

One of the stocking stuffers the hubs got me was NOPI was First Crush Blush which is a bronze shimmer. It has orange undertones and is quite pretty, the formula was great too, opaque in 2 coats. I've had Barielle Buddha-ful for a while and have only tried it over a dark polish so I tried it over First Crush Blush and it's kind of great. The bad thing about Buddha-ful is that is sits in a milky base so when you layer it, you get puddling/streaks, but it is so dense that I was able to do one coat and you could still see tons of flakies. I haven't tried it on its own but I was happy with this mani after a coat of SV, it was smooth as glass. I'll probably compare it to the new Finger Paints flakies for you too at some point. 


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