Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nail Art: Cupcake Mani on Friend

I did this mani for my friend's birthday today! Happy Birthday M! I've been meaning to try a cupcake mani and decided she was the perfect one to sport it.  I used Essie Mint Candy Apple for the back ground color, sinfulcolors white for the frosting, Orly Fancy Fuschia for the cup part with OPI Do You Lilac It? for the stripes, Sparktacular for the sprinkles and Kleancolors Metallic Red for the cherry. The whole cherry on top of the cupcake confuses me, when I bake them I don't put cherries/candies on top of the frosting but when you do it as a mani, it looks funny without one... *shrug* Anyways, this was my first attempt, I'll probably try it on myself but as accent nails as to save time :-)


  1. They look very delicious, and the cherries are great on these...

  2. Oh, and one more thing :)
    I would like to pass on the Cute Blog award to you, I enjoy your blog.
    You can pick it up and read the rules on my blog:

  3. That is adorable!

    I am passing along the Cute Blog Award to you! :)

  4. I'm loving the cupcakes, the colors are great. TOO CUTE!!

  5. This is cute, I love how well it goes with the mint green background.


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