Thursday, January 26, 2012

Spoiled: My Button Fell Off + NOPI: Kim-pletely in Love

Recently I got NOPI Kim-pletely in Love. I didn't understand the hype over the polish and was puzzled why it was going for an average of $15 a bottle... and I'm still kind of puzzled.  It is so sheer, I laid down a base of Spoiled My Button Fell Off (2 coats) and did two coats of KIL. Let me just say that four coats for polishes that dry slow are horrible and not worth it. Let me back up. Kim-pletely in Love is a baby light pink and it has great shimmer I couldn't quite get on camera: light blue/pink/silverish, but again it's sheer. I waited a few minutes between each coat of the polishes, then even added SV on top (which it did not end up drying and just pulled) and I had to redo a finger.  I'm thinking this one is meant to be worn alone, sheer and .... well, hardly noticed.  I think you'd need at least 3 coats to notice the pink, but it would probably be a great one for a french manicure because it's pale but shimmery. Overall, I'm on the fence about it. 


  1. I like the finished look... but I'm with ya- no clue why there's so much hype!

  2. Ditto! I own this and I only got it because I usually don't get these kinds of colors but meh.....I like that it had the shimmer...

  3. Kim-pletely in Love is a great polish! I *love* the fact that it's semi-sheer so you can build the opacity that you want, I prefer to have my nails slightly sheer anyway. Plus the consistency is great and the glitter is to die for.

    I think polishes that are semi-sheer are meant to be worn semi-sheer and look tacky when too many coats are used to make it fully opaque.

  4. I agree with definitely addicted - like the look but don't get all the hype this collection went through - unless it was mom K paying a ton for this hype to get started....which is entirely possible! I wish this pink had less 'hidden' sparkle to it and was a tish more but not as much sparkle as in the soon to be out OPI HOlland collection with the baby pink in that one - Peddle Faster Suzie - that one I hear is blinding in it's sparkle.


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