Thursday, February 9, 2012

Milani: 2012 collection swatches- part 1

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White on the Spot, Black Swift, Red (large hex sequins in clear base)
Rapid Cherry- one coat true red jelly like creme
Fast Fuchsia- medium pink, one coat to opacity

Lavender Fizz over Fast Fuchsia - small and micro lavender glitter in clear base
Juno- perfect delicate pink creme, two coats
Pink Flare over Juno- iridescent and silver glitter in a clear base one coat.
Violet Dash- medium lavender creme, one coat
Deep Thoughts- dark purple creme with blue shimmer, to coats.

So far my favorite from this bunch are all of the High Speed one Coat polishes because, they really are one coaters and most stamp. I really love Deep Thoughts and had a hard time capturing the blue shimmer on camera but it's there and vampy and awesome. I have so many of these polishes that I've broken it into 3 long posts so stay tuned  There are some comparison/duplicates I'll tell you about along the way as well  because there are a few duplicates to the Jordana glitters that I showed you a while back. Lavender Fizz is a dupe for Jordana Celebration.

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  1. Ohhh, deep thoughts is very pretty!

  2. Great colors here!!
    I love this collection!

  3. ooooooooooooh, so, the black is not a gloss is it? it's kinda matte? I like that.


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