Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bettina: Over Dyed and Ozotic 528

I have another Bettina and Ozotic for you today. Bettina Over Dyed is a deep demin blue creme that is fabulous in coverage and application. I used two coats then slapped a coat of Ozotic 528 over it. 528 is a clear base with small color shifting glitter. You can see it shifts from teal, blue, pink, red, orange... it's all there and amazing! I really love this combo and I topped it with SV to finish the look and smooth out the Ozotic. I'm slowly becoming obsessed with the Ozotics and layering lately. 


  1. I am really getting into the creams this season. I love the Ozotic topcoat also. You always do a fantastic job!

    <3 Shannon

  2. This Ozotic reminds me of #230! Really loving it & of course Bettina is a perfect base. I love their cream formula - it's just so hard for me to get from PR for some reason they just don't respond when I ask to put in an order.


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