Wednesday, March 7, 2012

China Glaze: TMI

This is China Glaze TMI from the 2BHOT half of the OMG collection. I want this to have more holo. It's a pink holo that has red undertones... more like a blush red... mauve? I used two coats, which went on great, and used no top coat and took pictures outside for you.. but still.... needs more holo. This is the last one I have for you from the OMG collection and over all this half is pretty great, but there are a few duds. Coming up for you I'll have a make up post, some stamping, a gel manicure and more! I'm changing it up a bit :)


  1. OH I am so jealous! I wanted this SOOOO bad but could never find it. Now its a billion dollars on Ebay ;)

    Still beautiful! Thanks for post :)

  2. I have this one too and agree, does not have that linear holo I wish it had. I was not watching CG when the OMG or Kaleidoscope collections came out - now I learned something today from you that their were 2 parts to the OMG collection - 2BHOT half? I need to do some homework so I can type into my database which ones are from which half.

  3. there was 2bhot and 2bkewl.. the later being the better holos :D


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