Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jessica: Geleration Mani- Hot Fudge and Kaleidoscope

This is the second of my gel manis. This one was done by a friend who I was teaching gel manis to, so it's her first try and she did very well.  She started with 3 (I think, or 2) coats of Jessica Geleration Hot Fudge which is a great medium brown that has holo shimmer (check out the blurred photo on the side!). She then put sparkles on my accent nails, Kaleidoscope which is an iridescent glitter in a clear base (she went a bit crazy on one side so it was bulging, do thin coats, even glitter).  This mani was cute and I only wore it for a day because it started peeling (coats were too thick) but I'll re-visit this combo, it's such a pretty shimmery polish. 


  1. Nice but I am sort of getting over my 'thing' with brown polishes. I have my own home version of a UV lamp (bought it right before the LED's came out - it figures), so can do my own at home - much cheaper. Plus I can re-do them when the growth line is bugging me. Right now had a crisis with pealing, soft nails - so had to cut down to near nubs and am letting the edges that were peeling grow out. I love a natural nail - but not when they are not the picture of heath and at least all near even.


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