Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Soccer Mani: Featuring my Water Decals

For those who do not know, I'm a HUGE soccer fan and support our Northern California team the San Jose Earthquakes. Each home game, I try to do a different Quakes themed mani, this past weekend I went with nail decals I made of their shield. I started with two easy coats of Healing from Dr.'s Remedy which is the perfect light gray creme. Then I took Jordana Blue Bash and sponged it onto the tips and sides of my nails. Then the hard part came, cutting out 10 decals and adding them on (the application process is a cinch, just soak in water 20 seconds then slide it off the paper onto your nail, the trimming took long). You can purchase my decals HERE and I do custom decals at no extra charge, they're 20 for $2.50 and I throw in random extras as well.  Overall, I LOVE this mani so much!


  1. Super cute. Love the sports love going around the community nowadays.

  2. Really love this look - it's a tasteful way to wear your team on your nails!


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