Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Guest Post: Watercolor! from Jen's Painted Tips!

This is a watercolor mani from Jen at Jen's Painted Tips. She has a great tutorial on this method, check it out, I have yet to get the courage to do this :)

From Jen:
Base of my absolute favorite "white" Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud then watercolored with Color Club Incognito, Sally Hansen Commander in Chic, China Glaze Fois Gras, and $OPI 212. Accented with a wonderful monkey decal! I love monkey decals.

Thank you Jen for the guest post! Check out her blog HERE for more of her creative manis!


  1. This looks amazing! Beautiful watercolour!!

  2. I think I might need some water decals! So cute!

  3. Jen is so good at watercolors, she has a knack for which colors match

  4. Dude, I totally forgot about this mani! I want to do brown watercolors again! I wore this mani for a full 6 days and CONSTANTLY got compliments on it.


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