Sunday, June 24, 2012

Stamping Sunday!: Goth! (BM 325 &314)

Welcome to another addition of Stamping Sundays! This week's theme was Goth. I sorta.. did a spin on it. I first used OPI Strawberry Margarita (I'm obsessed with this color) then sponged Zoya Dove over it to make it a little less "Barbie" and more "Coraline". I grabbed my go to black for stamping: Milani Black Magic. My new Bundle Monster plates arrived today so I played with BM 325 for the skull and vine tips and BM 314 for the devil heart bat image. I used Stripe Rite stripers in silver and a holo dark silver (see below for blurred picture). Over all I really love how the base turned out but as far as the stamping images... UGH! I HATE the fact that they images face the base of my nail instead of the tip.. It makes no sense to me. I also found the tips really large and thick and I prefer a thinner french tip. but seriously... they're upside down and this alone will keep me from using the tips for their intended direction.

*Stripe Rite provided by PR*


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