Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Purple Split Mani with Rhinestones

I have more It's So Easy nail art for you today. This one's simple, you could do it! I started with two coats of Nubar Lavendar- the perfect lavender creme then I taped off and used Essie No More Film from the 2012 Resort collection. No More Film is a dark purple with blue intentions. I used one of the Stripe Rite from It's So Easy that had holo and silver glitter in a clear base (blurred for your pleasure). Then I grabbed to different shaped rhinestones and added those in. 
There is one awesome thing about the rhinestone box I received for review... it's a picker upper tool that is amazing. You can see the tool and the rhinestone box. The tool has little silicone feeling cupped ends and it picks up the stones without doing a dot of clear polish to get it to stick to the tool.  I have never used a tool like this for rhinestones and I must say, it makes it super easy and convenient, especially for the odd sized or shaped stones because you can rotate the picker upper and not be rushed because your stone won't stick to your tool if you take longer to place it. 
Check out their site to see where to purchase these and you can look at your local Sally's Beauty if there's one in your area. 

*art products sent for review*


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