Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gelish: Iron Princess (gel magnetic)

My family was in town recently and I did a gelish mani for my sister in law. I hadn't used Gelish Iron Princess so we gave it a go. Iron Princess is a magetic polish but you cure it because it's a gel. I must say, it does make it easier to do a magnetic mani because it doesn't dry until you cure it so I tended to get stronger lines than with a traditional polish that starts to dry once you apply it. For those not familiar with gel manis the special polish is cured under a UV light so it is hardened right away, there is no dry time, pretty convenient. I like the way this turned out, I used China Glaze's magnet instead of the wavy one that it came with because of a smaller nail bed (I wanted her to be able to see a full effect instead of just one wave or so). Overall not a bad mani, I may do this one on myself when it starts to get cooler for fall.
Harmony Gelish: Iron Princess can be purchased from Nail Etc.

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  1. this is so pretty love the sparkles to it too :D

  2. I really like these. I love how perfect the magnetic effect turned out!


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