Saturday, July 7, 2012

OPI: The Color of Minnie + BM 310

Howdy Monkeys! Did you see my Bellacures post for my S.Cali readers? Good deal! K, moving along... this is two coats of The Color Of Minnie from the OPI Minnie collection; it's a red with pink tendencies and a a light pink shimmer to it. It applied great but the clean up was like any other red polish.. sorta messy. I stamped using White On The Spot from Milani and my Fun2 image plate... a pirate theme happening here with crossbones, hearts and check out the awesome Hello Kitty pirate. yaaarr!! I got a little smearage but I loved this mani and wore it for 5 days :)
Edit: I got the Fun2 plate from Fab Ur Nails


  1. where did buy the fun2 image plate? I love hello kitty and I think the pirate kitty is so cute.

  2. Amber: from Fab Ur Nails Shop....

  3. Super cute!! I think I need to get that plate.. my daughter loves Hello Kitty :) And the polish.. what a great color!


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