Sunday, July 8, 2012

Stamping Sunday!: Things I Love (CH40)

This week's Adventures in Stamping theme was "something you love". Clearly polish was a no-brainer. I took the opportunity to show you another Cheeky plate preview: CH 40. It is all about beauty and polish.  I messed up my index finger stamping so you get three stamped fingers today, sorry, it's that kinda day. I started off with Essie Trophy Wife; a great blue shimmer with green undertones. I stamped using Milani White on the Spot and the Cheeky CH40 plate. You can see the I <3 polish full image on my middle finger and the polish bottles, hearts and brushes on my ring finger. My little finger got a but smudged (remember these are pre-production plates) but it says "Nail Art" and it has cute hammers and nails. Cheeky has said that the plates will be released in approximately 6ish weeks as they are working on getting them perfect instead of questionable quality. You can follow them on Facebook and see status updates and plate previews.

Random question: Would you be interested in a write up of nail products I use like treatments and files etc?
The Giveaway!!!

*plate set sent for review/preview*


  1. So cool!
    I love the color and the designs!

  2. Cute! I would love to read about your favorite treatments and tools :)

  3. Not sure why I just don't like this color once I got it. I really wanted it. But once I got it, it just does not do anything for my minds eye. Maybe for me, it's too teal leaning. Or maybe it's that it comes up on the side of too frosty looking on me? I don't know. I am drawn to blues. Something about Trophy Wife just did not look right on me. I know it's a classic go to shade however for many. Call me odd man out on this one.

  4. love the base color.. and lovely stamp!


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