Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halloween Challenge: Black Cats (meow!)

For the second adventure in the Halloween Challenge the theme was black cats. Knowing how faboosh I am at freehand nail art, I opted to make decals. I have a bunch of different decals you can get through my etsy shop (I also do custom ones as well), so I printed out these cuties and slapped it over Jessica Birds of Paradise which is a blue tones purple that has a bit of tendency to show it's pink side. I used two coats for the base then added the cute kitties ferocious black cats on then went around the edges with Jessica Platinum  Wishes which is an amazing multi color glitter that is jam packed with interest. I left my pinky with just a coat of the Platinum Wishes for funsies, I thought 3 black cats would be enough.  I bet they'd look fantastic over a yellow or green neon though!
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