Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lex Cosmetics: Darling Daffodil & The Midas Touch

Fall for our new color

One surprising standout color for fall is yellow! So many of them are too bright or too gold. Our new yellow, Darling Daffodil, is the perfect color to brighten up your fall days and give you a break from the darker polishes you tend to lean toward.

Darling Daffodil

Our newest member to the LEX family, this color was created by Kelly. She said that nothing makes her happier than a bright yellow flower, especially daffodils. Yellow nail polish is something that brings a smile to her face & brightens up any outfit. It can be worn year round and is just a fun attention getting color. She said she wold love to see a perfect daffodil yellow with a bit of shimmer or glitter to add an extra spark!

Well, that's what we've got here. You'll notice a touch of gold shimmer in this color.

The Midas Touch

With a touch of gold, this yellow is great. But it's also hot because 10% will be donated to a charity that provides supplies to needy animals.

So, make your paws look good while helping out some other friends with paws :)

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