Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nude Glitter Purple Gradient

Continuing with my glitter quest, I have for you another fun mani that's fun and super easy to do. I started with a clear base coat and took Milani Lavender and did a sponge gradient then took Fuchsia and sponged that on my accent finger but more heavy on the tip. If you're new at sponging, glitter is the best place to start. I take a dab of polish and put it on the back of a stamping plate or on an index card and use a make up wedge that I've cut into a more slender piece and literally dab away. Dip it in your polish, once or twice on the paper then onto the nail. If you start at the tip and go horizontal then vertical, you will get your gradient effect and have more glitter on the tip. Try it, it's really not that hard. I also like the way this looks just over clear polish, who says you need a base color to rock a gradient, not me!


  1. Really pretty - I am hooked on nude enhanced Fr. / gradient manis.

  2. I am really hooked right now on nude/gradient French manis.


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