Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Mani: BM H07 H08

My first Halloween mani of the season is here! I ordered the Bundle Monster holiday plates and was eager to use them.. more on those in a minute. I started with a base of SinfulColors Treasure Chest, a textured polish. I used Milani's to stamp a black cat, witches hat with spider and witches boots with stockings in orange.  My little finger is not stamped because the plate images are HUGE! I have wide nail beds and longish nails at the moment and I still had a very hard time squeezing the images onto my nails. Even if my nails were longer, many of the images would still not fit because they are wider than my nail and wouldn't fit turned 90 degrees or wouldn't look right sideways. So that all aside, I like this mani, it's not traditional in base color and stamping over the textured polish was easy and nice because the stamper had something to grip to. Overall a great win.


  1. Looks amazing, I love the stamping and the overall look, even though the polish is not a 'traditional' halloween color.


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