Thursday, November 14, 2013

Polish Me Silly- Haywire

 I have an indie swatch for you today: Polish Me Silly's Haywire. It's kind of crazy. I started with one coat of Milani fast dry white as a base, but still ended up doing two coats of Haywire. For the most part it came out even and did not take too much effort to get appropriate glitter distribution. The matte glitter in this polish are so great: blue, green, pink, orange, yellow... large hex, small circles, small shreds, it's great. One coat of SV (pretty thick coat) smoothed it all out as well.
I wanted to stamp over this but by day 3 it started chipping and stamping over a chipped mani doesn't work for me, so it came off. By the way, I recommend foiling this off, the glitter is nuts and sticks to your nail even though the color comes off the glitter, the structure itself is still there. I hate glitter polish, but this wasn't too bad to remove. Would be best foiled off though. Overall a cute polish and it's cheery, so I'll take it.

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