Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wet N Wild: Jet Set Palette (Fergie)- pictures and review

A little something different for you today- make up! This is the Wet N Wild Jet Set Palette from Fergie. This palette is actually like a cube that opens and each side tiers down to 3 levels. The box says that there is all this included:
72 shimmer eyeshadows
24 creme eyeshadows
24 lipstick/lip glosses
6 blushes
3 bronzers
2 eye pencils
7 brushes/applicators
1 mirror

It's pretty awesome. It is held together when closed by magnets so it keeps a chic profile. I haven't used any of it yet, that's for another post, but the shadows I was touching seemed really pigmented and silky. These are at Wal Greens and retail for $30 right now and are limited edition. I think it's well worth it. The eye shadows aren't your typical small and shallow pots, they're larger and the fact you could take this traveling and have pretty much everything you need is a huge plus. I'll have looks with this soon but for now, enjoy some pictures. 

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