Wednesday, November 6, 2013

#33DC - Based on a Pattern in Your Wardrobe- Purple Stirpes

There's no doubt that purple is my favorite color- it's everywhere from my wardrobe to my polish drawers. I may have a problem. Today's challenge is supposed to be a pattern from my wardrobe. I have purple a purple striped sweater I really love and while it is not the same tones of this mani, I used it as inspiration. 
 I started off with two coats of Essie Using My Maiden Name which has a great pink shimmer to it and is a very cool toned purple/lavender. Formula on this was fine but I want the shimmer to show more! I taped it off and used Sable Collar (a deeper muddy plum) and then NOPI Aren't Families Grape which is one of those purples that doesn't photograph at all purple but rather blue. It's pretty much a blurple anyways. This mani was not that awesome. I thought it was a good idea than it started to fall apart. I should have used all cremes, no shimmers and stayed of of blurple territory. Oh well. Be sure to check out everyone else's challenge manis!


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