Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wet N Wild: Jet Set Palette Looks

Hi Monkeys! I have a make up post for you today written by my friend Katie. She did some looks with the Fergie palette, enjoy and thanks Katie!! 

I have been having so much fun playing with my new Wet n Wild Fergie Jetset Palette and I wanted to share some of the fun with all of you. I did three looks for you lovelies.

First is a full face look that I called “Everyday Pinup”.

Products used:
(a)    Light Biege shadow 
(b)   Sparkly Bronze Brown shadow 
(c)    Black liner pencil topped with Matte Black shadow 

(d)   Bright Pink blush 
            Lip pencil
(e)    Red lip color 

Next, is an eye look I call “Subtle Purple”

Products used:
            ( f) Matte Lilac shadow 
(g)   Sparkly Eggplant shadow 
(h)   Sparkly Light Purple-Pink shadow 
(i)     Black liner pencil topped with Sparkly Eggplant shadow 

Last, a fun eye look I call “Fall Colors”

Products used:
(j)     Orange shadow 
(k)   Matte Rust shadow 
(l)     Sparkly Gold shadow )
(m)  Brown liner pencil topped with Sparkly Evergreen shadow 

Overall, I'm impressed with the palette.  I haven't used Wet n Wild products since I was a poor college student, but this palette was a great deal and I have heard good things about it.  While the eye colors are not highly pigmented they are great for everyday wear and apply smoothly and evenly.  The blush colors are all very flattering, even on my light skin, and go on nice and sheer.  I didn't have much success with the face powders.  The “bronze” color is too orange for me, and the white and pink colors didn't show up at all on my skin.  I absolutely love the lip colors.  They feel great and there are so many wonderful colors. 

My only con with the palette, as with any large full face palette like this, is that you can't take the lip color you chose for the day with you.  Maybe if I was just going to work I would take the whole thing with me to reapply during the day, but I'm not going to lug the whole thing with me on a night out.  I suppose I could de-pot my favorites, but that just doesn't work with my laziness :). Note to cosmetics companies out there: make the lip pans more portable.

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