Monday, December 2, 2013

#33DC - Artwork Featuring Your Favorite Polishes

Today's challenge was artwork featuring your favorite polishes. I have been sitting at my  nail desk staring at OPI Black Spotted and have been pining to use it with neons, so I seized the opportunity. I don't know if Spotted actually counts as  nail art but if you don't own a bottle, you could use the method that's similar to water marbling and that's art, so..... I used Orly: VaVa Voom (pink), Glowstick (yellow), Skinny Dip (blue). As I do with all neons, I put down a single base of white first, then I took each color and kind of dabbed it on in various sizes and spaces. I then top coated with Black Spotted. I wish I would have taken pictures before I added Spotted but, the concept is pretty easy, I'm sure you understand it. I like the way it looks. It needs super thin coats and mine were a bit thick so I wiped my brush and went back over spotted to thin it out... turns out it cracked. hmm. I'm still a sucker for neons under a black special effects top coat. Below, it's with flash...

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