Monday, December 2, 2013

Zoya: Naturel Collection 2014- press release

Zoya Nail Polish Naturel Collection
Sometimes less can be so much more...
The natural nail only better... The Zoya Nail Polish Naturel collection masters delicate tone on tone color with six new, full-coverage (opaque) neutral nudes with a pink undertone, that can be worn beautifully or stunningly together to create modern tonal accents. 
The Look: It's not about matching, it's about coordinating colors with slight tonal differences to create interest.  Available online at January 1, 2014. $9 ea and 5 free. 
 Zoya Naturel Collection

• ZP704 - Chantal: French Vanilla Cream, Full Coverage Formula.

• ZP705 - Taylor: Light Toffee Cream, Full Coverage Formula.

• ZP706 - Rue: Boudoir Blush Cream, Full Coverage Formula.
• ZP707 - Brigitte: Bombshell Mauve Cream, Full Coverage Formula.
• ZP708 - Odette: Sultry Maroon Cream, Full Coverage Formula.
• ZP709 - Normani: Sable Mauve Cream, Full Coverage Formula

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