Monday, December 9, 2013

Fashion Disaster 101 Plates- FD 1 and FD 6 hearts

Fashion Disaster stamping plates are new to me. So far, I'm loving them. Plus Katherine is very sweet! I did some photoshop stuff for her and she surprised me by sending me some of her plates. The first one I used was FD 1 and FD 6 ... they both have great heart lovey dovey designs on it. I used Milani White to stamp with and as you can see, all went smoothly. This may be a little Valentine's Day appropriate but heart manis are year round in my book :)  I think I used Malaga Wine from the Take Ten mini set. Malaga Wine is a nice deep crimson that still shows red and serves as a good contrast against the white. I'll have more FD plate manis for you to come as well, but check out Katherine's shop, her plates are affordable, she ships from the east coast and she's super sweet :)

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