Monday, December 30, 2013

SinfulColors: Holiday Collection- Tinsel & Sheer Lustre Glitter Topcoat- swatches

Hi Monkeys, I have good stuff for you today. SinfulColors has some pretty wonderful toppers out now and I have a few of them to show you. First up is Silver Rainbows- a silver holographic glitter bar polish in a clear coat. This one leaves just the right amount of glitter on the nail, I did one coat, no need to dab. Also over black I chose Girl's Bestfriend. A clear base loaded with small pretty raspberry glitter with a few sparse blue glitters. This was one coat over black, so I bet two coats would make it opaque. Onto my white base, I put Spiked Ice, a shredded matte black glitter. I love this look, it has little pieces along with the regular bars and the contrast over white is a win for me. Top Me Off is another dense glitter but this time small blue, silver and holographic pieces in this one. I blurred the picture so you could see how they look at a quick glance. Top Me Off is incredibly sparkly plus the holo glitter in it makes it eye catching.
Overall, I'm impressed with these four from the Holiday Collection (out now) and SinfulColors are affordable and easy to find, so it's a polish line. To see the other colors, check out the original press release.

SinfulColors Holiday Tinsel & Sheer Lustre Glitter Topcoat, $1.99 exclusively at Walgreens for Holiday 2013.

*press sample*

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