Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sally Hansen: Triple Shine Swatches

Hi guys, remember my original press release about Sally Hansen's Triple Shine line?  Well, now I have a few to show you from that line and they're pretty great and even include a close dupe to a Lippmann and a shifter. Let's get to it...
 Oyster Bar is a metallic silver that applies great and has minimal streaking, I topped it with Sally Hansen's Triple Shine Top Coat (which is great by the way). I'm thinking this polish may be a great for stamping because it's pretty opaque. Vanity Flare is a medium purple creme- love this color and will be using it often. Sparks Fly is a glitter topper with a blue tinted base. The glitters look similar to DL Today Was A Fairytale, the base of SF is darker but it looks just as sparkly on the nail as the DL. I layerd it over Oyster Bar.
Make Waves is a shifter. I used two coats over my bare nail and while it will never be opaque, it changes completely when layered over black. It shifts from a yellow\green to a teal to blue, it's pretty great. Over black, you can see the copper\yellow\orange\green come through. Over white it didn't change much but may be over a dark navy it would be awesome as well.
I used their top coat over all of these and you can see the shine is amazing. The brush is also flat, round and tapered so it distributes polish better than a traditional brush and for wide nail beds, I like it. They have 29
new colors to the line and at $4.99, they are a steal.
You can find all their colors HERE from their site.

*press release*

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