Thursday, June 25, 2015

Zoya: Paradise Sun Collection- summer 2015 swatches

The new summer Zoya collection is out and available HERE now! All swatches are over Zoya anchor and topped with Zoya Armor.
Onto individual swatches!
I love a good white, and this is a good white with a little some thing extra. (Shimmer!) The formula is thicker, but not unmanageable. The flash makes it look super streaky, but in regular light its not. I had to do three thin coats, but it's so clean and bright. 
Bright shimmery fuchsia! With a squishy jelly texture this was a smooth applying two coat perfect formula. 
 I don't usually reach for red with the summer sun comes out, but this is a sparkly summer red, no doubt. It's got a similar jelly texture to Mae, but richer pigmentation without drowning out the silver shimmer. Two coats equal perfection.
Blurple, leaning more towards blue. This was a pleasant surprise, I was expecting the basic purply blue, but... it's ammmaaazzziinggg. It's more blue on the nail, more sparkly on the nail, and currently my pedicure. Perfect formula, two coats and I'm in blue heaven.
Lovely ocean blue, it's like looking at the sea on vacation. Calming and beautiful. Two coats, excellent formula! 
Hands down my favorite. I took so many pictures trying to capture the terrific teal everything of this shade. It's flattering, it's bright, it's summer in a bottle for me. And the formula, two coats of perfect perfection. 

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