Friday, March 4, 2011

More Mint! YUM!

sunlight at an

stamped and outside
sunlight outside.. green?
outside, with glitter!

 This was my first encounter with Sinful Colors polish... not too shabby.  I picked up a few colors from them and this one is Mint Apple.  It's like a confused blue/green with frosty shimmers to it.  I saw the color in the bottle and thought "hhmm, is it blue? green? teal?" and the texture looked cool, which it is, so I picked it up.  It applies like a creme would- the pictures are 3 coats but you could do 2, I just had VNL (visible nail line) because my tips are super white.  I decided that I would try a stamp pattern I haven't done before, so I grabbed a bundle monster plate (BM17) and did french tips with Sinful Colors Secret Admirer.  More on the Secret Admirer later (it's like whoa awesome!).  Then to jazz it up, I added Wet N Wild Kaleidoscope dabbed over the tips.  My top coat was Orly no chip (forgot how strong it smelled! wowsa!). I think this would be a darling color for toes! This polish was a win, I don't own a color like it so that's a win too!

What do you think of the little bit of glitter in the stamping? Too much? Not enough?


  1. I don't remember seeing this Sinful Colors hmmm... :) It looks like a pretty one though!

  2. It is quite monkeytastic! I liked staring at it in the sun :) thanks for the comment!

  3. This is such a pretty polish! I love the stamp and the glitter!


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