Monday, April 25, 2011

Black Creme and Sinful Colors Ocean

Caution: flakey goodness ahead!!!  Why have I not tried this before?!
This is one coat of Wet N' Wild Black Creme (great for stamping too), and a layer or two of Sinful Colors Ocean.  I got Ocean from a giveaway from Painting Rainbows a while back and have been admiring it through the bottle for a while :). 

So, Ocean is a flakey... the holo shiney flakes of fun suspended in a sheer green thick polish.  The only thing I don't like about flakies is the goopy formula they all come in because it takes forever to dry! May be if I add some thinner drops? Anyone have suggestions?

 I love this is real life and it actually photos not too bad either.  I offset light in my light box and it seems to glow.. check it's ok, you can stare :)

 Also, have you entered TMM GIVEAWAY!


  1. I own this nail polish and haven't try it yet.
    I need to do a manicure with this soon!
    I love what you did!

  2. ohhh!! definitely want to pick this up! :)

  3. love it! I have three of those glitters! they look so awesome over black!

  4. Gorgeous, she's still sitting in my untrieds~

  5. Another good Sinfuls layering polish is Nail Junkie. It's GOOOORGEOUS!!!

  6. I have jail junkie in my untrieds yet, love layering lately!

  7. Love the layered look! Great choices!

  8. Gorgeous ! (: The color combo is beautiful .


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