Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Water Marble: friend marble!

 Here's another edition of Monkey water marbling...

Part of the reason I like marbling on my friends is because they like such different colors and it makes it more fun because I seem to always lean towards the same colors (hello purple!).

For this mani, we used a base color of Sally Hansen's The Real Teal and used that in the marble along with Wet N' Wild Black Creme and Sally Hansen's Mellow Yellow.  The Sally Hansen's were a win, the Black Creme was ok, but I think it dried too quick and when I went to drag, I had snags instead sometimes.  Also, we dipped two fingers at a time and I think that when you do this and are inexperienced with making designs, as I am, you get really inconsistent designs- but I like that! I think that if you were to water marble the same design, you may as well stamp.  At least that's how I feel for now haha!

We taped her fingers off and she was great at dipping them in on the designs.  We cleaned up and topped off with SV.  What do you guys think? I've come to really like using my drugstore polishes to marble with because you use so much polish that you don't blow through an expensive bottle as fast.
Pop on over to The Manicured Monkey's YouTube Channel and look at the new nail art tutorial that's up!
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  1. I love the colors combination.
    I already watched your new video, I have those nail art tapes and haven't use them. Thank you for the tip!

  2. This looks great! I love the colours! Every time I try to marble it ends up being one giant mess! lol

  3. awesome!
    i love your choice of colours :-)

  4. thanks for the comments/feedback everyone! I really like doing these :D


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