Saturday, April 16, 2011

Water Marbling, take 1

While my little cousin was over filming for the You Tube tutorial, we decided to try water marbling for the very first time.  It's quite messy but fun.

We did one finger at a time (will for sure do 2 next time!), and used OPI's Purple With a Purpose, What's With the Cattitude and Sally Hansen's Celeb City.  So let me just say up front, sorry for the clean up... it was next to impossible to get all the celeb city glitter bomb off her hands LOL

The middle finger on this hand was her favorite.  We took these pictures in my light box.   I have never done marbling before so I totally winged the designs and told her where to aim when she dipped her finger in the water.  It was quite comical every time she pulled out her finger we'd be like "OOHHH!!! I like that one!!" and then she'd stare at it forever  :)
Here's a view of all of them.  :)

I'm going to try this on my nails at some point.  What do you think.. would you want to see this in a tutorial on You Tube?


  1. I love water marbles and this one is great Ms. Monkey!

  2. I love water Marbling, you did it good!
    Your nails are looking pretty!

  3. WOW this is your first attempt and it looks that amazing?!!! GREAT job!

  4. thanks everyone, this is my little cousin modeling for the site, I may try it on my own paws soon :D

  5. Good job to be first time! My first time was epic fail and all a mess xD I need to keep trying tho.

  6. Nice color combination. I wish my attempt was so successful =)

  7. it looks so great! I would water marble more often if protecting my cuticles didn't take so long! I always tape them but maybe I should try the vaseline method


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