Saturday, December 21, 2013

NOPI: New Top Coats and Treatments- review

A bit ago I told you about the new NOPI top coats and treatments that were coming out. They'll be out in January so you should start seeing them soon and I have a review for you. I'll continue to test these out in different manis that I do so keep an eye out.
For my first post about these, I used the 3 in 1 (base, top coat and strengthener) as a base coat and the quick dry top coat along with the oil to go. Starting from the first layer; the base coat is great. I felt it gave good grip for the polishes and it dried fast. the top coat smeared the white snowman but didn't smear my gold stripes on the Christmas gradient mani. So I think as far as smearing goes it depends on the polish you are stamping with and how long it has dried. My favorite by far is the Oil To Go. I'm a fan of OPI Avoplex but this smells AMAZING! The best I could describe it is .. candy. It smells like candy, and not like a fake candy smell but really sweet candy. It is a bit thicker than Avoplex and has the same great feathered tip to it (I'll post pictures of that when I review the matte topper). It's also super convenient so what's not to love about it. All together a win so far. More on the Oil and the Matte to come, stay tuned.

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