Friday, April 11, 2014

Finger Paints: Pastel Rain- swatches

Hi Monkeys, I have Finger Paints' new collection for you called Pastel Rain and it's perfect for spring time and Easter! You can find out more about their collections online or follow their Facebook page. You can find these at Sally's Beauty and they should be out now but they're limited edition so get them while you can!
Crystal Springs is a silver shredded glitter topper that has mall blue and yellow round glitters mingled with holographic shredded larger pieces.
Dream I Can Fly is my favorite of the collection, it's a perfect minty blue creme and the formula is great, opaque in 2 coats. 
Shower With Flowers is a green and silver glitter topper. Matte lime green hexes mingled with small lime bar glitters and even smaller silver round glitter.
Mistful Thinking is such a cool color. I liked it much more on the nail than in the bottle. It's a lime green-yellow creme that is opque in 2 coats, very unique color.
Pink of Pixie is a glitter topper made of matte medium hex glitters in pink, small pale pink bar glitter, small round holographic silver glitters, such a pretty topper!
Springtime Bloom is a soft pink creme that is still pastel but bright and cheery, not dusty. Application was great with two coats for full opacity.

Final thoughts on this collection is I like it a lot, it is cheery without looking like pastel chalk.  The glitter toppers can go over any of the colors even pink on pink or green on green and you can still see the glitters pop. Plus, I like Finger Paints' handle, it's great to hold onto for manis. :)
*press samples*


  1. Very fun shades and glitters! I like this collection too :) Great swatches and review!

  2. Those glitter toppers are quite pretty!


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