Wednesday, July 23, 2014

SinfulColors: Silk + Satin & Full Throttle- swatches

I have some random swatches for you today from SinfulColors Silk+Satin and Full Throttle Collections! These are available now in Walgreens for around $1.99. More info at the bottom of the post, enjoy!
 A bright orange micro textured polish that dries to the rubbery finish as promised, 2 coats. 
 A deep raspberry red with the micro texture and great rubber finish, 2 coats.
A bright red, 2 coats of the micro texture and you're good to go!

This collection was super pigmented and easy to apply. The texture is so fine gritted that it applies like a creme but finishes like a rubber... not too matte, not too glossy. It's pretty cool!

 An electric blue that dries pretty matte but is not fully opaque at 3 coats.
 A matte silver that sparkles like crazy and not opaque after 3 coats.
After 2 generous coats, this cremey yellow was opaque but no easier to apply than any other stereotypical yellow creme. The finish is that great rubber matte though.

I definitely enjoyed the Full Throttle collection more because of it's uniqueness and quick drying, but if you have patience and like more sheer polishes, you'll enjoy the Silk + Satin. 

*press samples*


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